Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hello All!

Emma here. I wanted to welcome you to my new blog. This is where I will keep you up to speed on what I am up to as I grow so make sure to save my spot in your favorites. You will want to check it often. Mommy and Daddy have taken over 300 pictures now so I am sure that some of them will make it onto this site. I love you all and I look forward to talking to you all in person soon!

Love- Emma Rose


Grandmama Meres said...

Oh My Goodness, Dear Emma Rose,
It's so wonderful to be able to click on your blog and see you whenever I get lonesome for you. You are so very beautiful!!! Grandpa and I miss you so much, we can hardly stand it. We had such a wonderful visit with you, your mama and daddy! Your m/d let us hold you all the time--we couldn't get enough of you.
We love you, Grandmama Meres

Lisa Nygaard said...

Emma - you're adorable and so strong! We can hear you too so be sure to coo and make cute little baby noises whenever you can.

How exciting that you have already crossed the stateline and also attended your first National Festival! We went apple picking with the Nervs last weekend.

We are happy that you started this blog so we can watch you grow! We're looking forward to seeing you in December in Minnesota - another state visit.

We love your pictures and video - keep them coming!


the Nygaards

Solace said...

HI Cousin Emma!! Mom showed me your blog. How cool! My mom doesn't know how to do this so I can't have one. It was so fun to see you over Skype. Maybe next time, you can open your eyes more. It gets easier, trust me. The first few months of life are sleepers! I don't like to sleep now and try to keep my eyes open as long as possible. My daddy does this thing where he blows on my eyelids and they shut and then I sleep. Bummer! He found a way to make me sleep. I LOVE all the colors of your bows. I told mom that we need to go to Target and get some other colors. My hair could use more hair stuff. Mom does it every morning. I had to have another olive oil treatment lsat night because of my cradle cap but now it is out! I hope you don't have to have that! Daddy said that my slicked back hairdue looked like a guy out of the 60's!! That is sooooo long ago! Alright, must go get my diaper changed. I am going to fuss now so Nanny Sarah will be right on it! xoxoxo Miss you Cousin Emma!

Love, Cousin SoLace