Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter- HE IS RISEN!

Happy Easter Everyone! Christ the Lord is Risen To-DAY, HALLELUJAH.

I was so excited for my First Easter that I woke up at 4:18 am just to make sure I didn't miss a minute of it. After some convincing from Mommy I did go back to sleep and then woke up in time to head to church with Mommy and Daddy. All the ladies at Church thought I was the cutest thing in my party dress that Grami Tami picked out for me in Dallas.

The Easter bunny also made a stop at our house- he brought me a basket filled with toys, bows, books and puffs but my favorite thing was clinking my plastic eggs together- such a fun sound!
After playing with my eggs I got to sit in my new hi-chair, that Daddy put together for me, and eat my Easter brunch of oatmeal and yogurt along side Mommy and Daddy. Their meal looked yummy too! After our dinner with just the three of us, we got to SKYPE with everyone in Colorado and talk to Grandma and Grandpa in Knife River. It was a very full and fun day. I hope you had a great Easter too!Love- Emma

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