Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Halloween

Hello Everyone-
I am just getting over the excitement of last week so I thought I would fill you in on it. Last week my Aunt Meaghan came to visit me from Colorado. Okay she isn't my real aunt but she and Mommy have been friends since they were in 5th grade. That is a long time! While she was here we did some fun things. I got to ride the chocolate ride at Chocolate world, and I got to go to my first big mall shopping trip in Baltimore ( I think there might be many more in my future if Mommy has her way.) I tried my best not to yell too much while she was here- I am hoping to get a new friend out of the deal. No luck yet.

It was also Halloween while Aunt Meggie was here. Mommy and Daddy told me this was a great holiday where little ones dress up and go around the neighborhood and ask for candy. I got to meet many of the kids in our neighborhood as they came by to pick up their King Size Reese's. They all looked pretty excited. I can't wait until I can get candy next year. I did get to dress up this year though. I had three different outfits. I was the Cat in the Hat- (I love that book,) a pumpkin and a Lady Bug. I got to wear my costumes to Daddy's office and meet all of his nice coworkers and even the BIG Kiss. It was so fun, even Mommy dressed up- she was my Mummy. She thought it was pretty funny but I didn't get it.

In other news, I turned 6 weeks old right before Halloween. Because I am becoming such a big girl I decided that I would give Mommy a break and sleep all the way through the night. That is right -I slept 7 and a half hours straight, without even a snack. It felt good but I don't think I will do it every night just yet. I did it again last night though. I like to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes. I am also smiling and cooing more, especially in the morning. Mommy is trying to get me on video so stay tuned for that.

Well that was my week- check out all of my many halloween costumes in my new photo album. Love you all and I will to you soon!

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