Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Sunday!

So as I told you last week this Sunday was a very special day.
This Sunday my Mommy and Daddy vowed to raise me in the knowledge of Jesus and to help me make the decision to follow him someday. So Feb 1st will always be my dedication Sunday. I got to get all dressed up in a very special gown that my Great Grandma Marcella made for my Great Aunt Marcia to wear when she was baptised over 60 years ago. Since then 11 different people in my Daddy's family ( including my Daddy, Grandpa vG and my cousin SoLace) have worn this gown when their parent's promised to teach them about Jesus. It is very special. I also got to share this exciting day with my Grami and Grandpa Green who made a special trip out during tax season to see my big day. Mommy and Daddy's friends Mark and Jen also came to church with to share it with us. Here is a video of the special service. It was indeed Super!

After my dedication came another very special event- at least to my Daddy- the Super Bowl. As most of you know the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Arizona Cardinals which caused a divided house here in PA. We had a party with several of our friends and they were all rooting for the Steelers- but since Mommy went to college in AZ we had to support the Cardinals. I wore my ASU cheerleading outfit for the special event. In the end the Steelers eeked it out but most of us had a good time. Thanks to Grami for trying to babysit me through the event even though I was living up to my outfit- I was a little Devil!

Love- Emma

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