Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quick Hello- Updated Pictures

Well I am just sitting here waiting to head off to the Airport to visit yet another state (Ohio) and Aunt Daniela and Uncle Jeff. I am excited for another airplane ride and Mommy is hoping that I get a great nap while we are in the air. I thought I would share some pictures of me eating my first REAL FOOD, avacados. I am not sure what to think of them but Daddy sure seems to like them with chips and a cold Yuengling (beer). I also got a chance to try out Mommy's work chair now that I can sit- what do you think? Since Mommy decided to stay home with me, I think I will get more time sitting in it than she will. I hope you like the new pictures and we will talk when I get back! Love you all!


Ps. Here are some pictures of my fun trip- I stayed awake for an entire flight and I was a very good girl. Mommy is hoping that continues as we are booked to fly to Arizona and to Colorado this spring.

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