Friday, March 13, 2009

Social Butterfly

I have had a very busy week! Usually my weeks consist of playing with Mommy with the occational trip to Target thrown in for fun. However this week I had three different "events" planned.

  • First on Wednesday I got to go to lunch with Mommy's friend Alyssa and my new boyfriend Evan. Evan is 5 weeks old and so little and cute! I just wanted to give him kisses but it was hard when we were across the table strapped into our carseats. When he gets bigger we are going to play together.

  • On Thursday we got to see Daddy's friend Avril who was visiting from somewhere called Canada- I think it is as cold as it is at Grandma and Grandpa von Goertz's where he lives. We had dinner at Daddy's coworker's and I got to play with their adorable daughters Gabby (6 1/2) and Caroline (3.) I had so much fun playing with them and I can't wait to grow up and be just like them! Here are some pictures of our fun-

  • On Friday I got to meet up with Mommy's work friends and have lunch at Chili's. I met them once before but this time I kept my eyes open the whole lunch and even smiled a bit.

  • Saturday we went to see 45,000 snow geese and white swans at a nature park. That is a lot of birds!

After my busy week I was ready for a nice long nap! I hope you all had a great week- Love you!


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