Monday, May 25, 2009

8 months old- and so much has changed!

I have learned to crawl- FORWARD! As you may know I have been able to scoot backwards for over a month now- however on Thursday May 14th I took my first "steps" going forward just a few days before I turned 8 months old. I was pretty shaky at first but now I have it down. Mom and Dad have had a great time racing around chasing after me. There has been some talk about something called babyproofing that needs to be done but so far I have the run of the house! In fact now that I am mobile it is also pretty impossible to get me to sit still to take my monthly photos- I am more interested in eating the sign.

Check out my videos of my first moments crawling and a few days later when I was starting to master my skills!

It just goes to show you what I will do if you give me a cookie!

I have also learned a few other tricks in the last week- I have learned how to clap my hands

I have also learned to drink out of a sippy cup! This is very exciting as I have refused to use a bottle so now I can drink things without Mommy being around.

I have also started to bable with new sounds. I have started to say BABABA and DADADA and WAWAWA- I am still working on Mamama- I am saving that for a very special moment.

So much has changed in just over a weeks time- I can't wait to see what I will be up to tomorrow! Love-

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