Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From 8 to 9 months

Did you think I just stopped growing at 8 months? Actually I starting moving so much once I learned to crawl I just haven't had time to sit down to and write. So I thought I would catch you know on what I have been up to these past few months. First here are my stats-

 9 months

  • 18 pounds 5 1/2 oz- 50th percentile

  • 28 1/4 inches -75th percentile

I am slimming out as I move more and more

I started out my month with a trip to Philadelphia to celebrate Memorial Day and Mommy's birthday. We met up with our friends Miss Jeanne, Mr. Jason and my friend Camille at the Philly Zoo (the oldest in the country.) My favorite animals were the giraffes, parrots and the monkeys (basically anything that actually moved!)

After the zoo we all went to dinner at a really cool Italian restuarant and then rested up for a big day taking in the sites of Philadelphia. We got to see Independence Hall ( where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed), the Liberty Bell, City Hall and Daddy's favorite, the home of the original Philly Cheesesteak- Pat's!

All and All it was a great mini vacation. The first of many this summer.

Then I got a visit from Grami and Pop Pop. They were on their way to someplace far far away called Isreal. Mommy said it is where Jesus was from. They decided to visit us on the way there and on the way back. In order to get them to their airplane we had to get them to New York City. This was the first time for Grami, Pop Pop and me to visit "The City" so Mommy arranged a tour on a bus ( touristy but we got to see  the highlights of the Island in just one day.) We saw Central Park, Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and most importantly the Diamond District!

I even had my first pickle at a New York diner. Surprisingly I liked it! I am eating more varied kinds of baby food ( like spinach and lentils) but this was a big departure from Puffs and Mum Mums!

While Grami and Pop Pop were away I worked on a few new skills. I learned how to pull my self up to "cruise" on furniture and I learned how to say MaMa and mean it. I really only say it when I am getting upset and I really want Mommy to pay attention.

When our travelers returned from Isreal we got 10 more days with them. We went to the beautiful Hershey Gardens and saw the butterflies in the Children's Garden.

Pop Pop also picked out a swimming pool for me and went in it with me.So much fun to splash in the backyard!

Such a busy month and I am becoming such a big girl! Love you all!


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