Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minnesota in June

This June I got to go with Daddy on a business trip to Minnesota to visit Grandma and Grandpa vG. I got to  do so many fun things and see so many people I love all in one trip.

I started out staying with my Great Aunt Kathy and Great Uncle Erling in "the Cities."

They were so sweet to let us stay with them while Daddy talked to people about chocolate. We even had a pizza making party where I got to see all of Daddy's cousins and their little ones all at one time. Lisa, Jerry , Sarah, Emily, Lynda, Amber, Jason, Olivia, Tyler and Angela all came over to see me. I felt so special!

After Daddy was done working we headed up North to see Grandma and Grandpa. I hadn't seen them since Christmas ( except by Skype ) so it was fabulous to see them in person.

We went to see Great Grandma Marcella- four generations of von Goertz's all together. It was a nice day so we got to play in her garden.

I was learning how to walk when holding onto Mommy's fingers. I also learned how to give kisses ( more like headbuts but it gets the job done.)

I loved playing with Uncle Chris and Auntie Laura while I was in Knife River. They are so much fun!

I got to help cheer on 10,000 people running Grandma's Marathon for the first time. It is a race that goes from Two Harbors to Canal Park in Duluth. I even got to help Grandpa run the clock at the 10K marker!

After the race we got all cleaned up and Grandpa made funny pancakes and all the Widen's ( Auntie Laura's family) came over in Antique cars to have a picnic lunch.

It was such a nice day so we got to spend some quality time with Lake Superior. I LOVED dipping my feet in the water and getting splashed by the waves.

We even took a trip on Miss Maisey, Grandpa's lobster boat. It was such a lovely day and the water was like glass.

Everything was going well until Grandpa decided to show off and gun the engine. So I got to experience my first time paddling into the marina with a mop! It gave me a chance to practice my princess wave. I think I got it down pat!

The next day we celebrated my very first Father's day with my Daddy and his Daddy.

Daddy had to go home early to work but I got to spend some extra time with just Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy. We went to play at the park in Knife River. So much fun!

After all the fun we had, we did have to go home so Grandma and Grandpa drove us down to Minneapolis to the airport. It was so sad to say good-bye but I will be back in August.

Love- Emma

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